Grade 12

AS-Level Grade 12

The Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level is equivalent to that of grade 12 or Senior Certificate and is recognised by all matriculations boards both locally and internationally.
Passed at the higher grade, this is a necessary requirement for university entrance. This course is aimed at students of 16 years of age and above who have completed either Cambridge O-Level or Grades 11 or 12.

Students take 4 subjects at this level and complete the course over 12 months. Students planning to enter a South African university must complete the requirements in a maximum of two exam sittings. (read more on the 2 sitting rule)

Those who choose to study at an international institution may decide to further their studies to the full A-Level (year 13). This can be done over the course of a year and is beneficial for students planning to study in the UK.

Subjects we Offer

    English 1st Language
    Accounting *
    Business Studies *
    Computing *

    * Students wishing to take these subjects to qualify for a Matric certificate, must have passed Cambridge O-Level Maths with a grade C or higher.