Examination Sittings

The CIE provides students with two examination sittings per year. The mid-year examinations are held in May / June and end-of-year examinations of written in October/ November. Students are only required to sit the examination when they have completed the entire course.

Final examinations are quite flexible and students may decide for themselves, as to whether they would like to sit the mid-year or end-of-year examinations. Students may also chose to write certain subjects in one exam sitting, in order to focus on other subjects to write in the next exam sitting.



Students write internally prepared examinations set by the academy.

Grades 10 - 12

Students studying grades 10 - 12 (O-Level and AS level) or the full A Level will be required to write their final examinations at a registered examination centre. These external examinations are set and marked by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in the UK.

The Two-Sitting Rule

In terms of the matriculation board HESA’s (Higher Education South Africa) requirements all AS level and Cambridge O-Level examinations used to apply for matric exemption, must be obtained in no more than two exam sessions.

According to HESA, all examinations taken in one calendar year, are regarded as one examination sitting. Therefore the Two-Sitting rule states that students must complete all Cambridge O-Level and AS level examinations within two calendar years from the start of the first Cambridge O-Level exam.

Furthermore, students completing the full A Level, must complete all their examinations within one calendar year from the date of their AS Level examinations.


Please contact Universities SA (formerly HESA) for additional information:

View the HESA Conditions and requirements to gain exemption for entry to South African public universities.

Go to page 21 (Section 14) and/or

View the Cambridge Conditions and requirements to gain exemption for entry to South African public universities.