Why Choose DLA

Why Choose Us

With the many distance education facilities around, we asked ourselves what must DLA accomplish in order to rise above everyone else and be the best, most proficient academy in the country.

  • It was not enough to ensure that subject materials were designed specifically to the distance learning environment.
  • It was not enough to utilize the latest in e-technology and communication.
  • It was not enough to provide world class Cambridge lecturers
  • It was not enough to provide memos and assignments
  • What must we do, to separate ourselves from everyone else? The answer was simple.... “Leave No Student Behind”

    How do we accomplish this?

    The very heart of distance learning is about assessment and accessibility.  The work packs provide the educational foundation for the student to work at a prearranged pace, but there will come a time when he or she will hit a road block. This is more commonly found with the sciences where the subject matter needs to be understood rather than learned.

    Assessment- Through the use of assignments, our lecturers pick up on a student's shortcoming. By providing additional worksheets and detailed explanations, these areas of concern are usually addressed, however there will come a time when this is insufficient.

    Accessibility- The second most important phase is accessibility.  This is when our lecturers come to the party by availing themselves to tackle the problem until fully resolved. We pride ourselves on this achievement which underlines our motto, “A teacher in your home 24/7".

    If there is any reason other than the many we have already provided to join DLA, it is this one simple fact! We care about our students and we will go the extra mile in order to ensure that they completely understand their work, never leaving them behind. We do not wish to be associated with the thousands of complaints that are strewn over the Internet by companies offering empty promises.

    You will invest a small fortune in your child's education and we fully realise that your commitment to DLA is a privilege and thus we are committed to protecting this trust.