Matric Exemption

Qualifications required for a Matric Exemption

International General Certificate of Secondary Education

In order to progress to AS-Level, you will be required to pass a minimum of 4, grade 11 subjects (including English Language) with a grade of E or higher and one subject with a grade C or higher.

The subject choice at grade 11 is critical as this forms the foundation of what you study at AS-Level in order to obtain a matric exemption and university entrance. This process has been simplified for you under the "Subject Selection" tab.


International AS Level

To obtain a matric exemption a student must obtain the following:
(i) Pass English with a grade D or higher.
(ii) Have passed a second language at grade 11.
(iii) Pass one of the sciences with a grade D or higher.
(iv) Pass the remaining two subjects with a grade D or higher.
(v) Have passed at least one subject with a grade C or higher (excluding English).


Mature Age Exemption Matric Certificate

Each institution and faculty have differing requirements but as a general rule you will require the following:

Be 23 years of age or older
You are competent in English
You are able to study and write exams in English
Pass three grade 11 subjects with a grade C or higher
Pass two AS-Level subjects with a grade E or higher
Pass at least one language subject
Pass at least three subjects in one session.


Examination Sittings

In order to gain matric exemption at AS Level, examinations must be completed in no more than two exam sittings. Where a subject is not examined in Oct/Nov session the following or preceding June session will be regarded as the same sitting.