Cambridge Assessments

Assessments are of the utmost importance and form the backbone of DLA. Assessment is used to monitor a student's progress but, more importantly, to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses may hinder a student's progress and impact the success of their studies. Therefore, we use the outcomes of assessments as a platform to provide extra support to students in need.

Assessment is conducted through various assignments, which are a vital part of learning. Assignments allow us to determine whether the student has understood the covered material. It is easy to review study material, but through assessment, we can gauge the level of true understanding. Our assignments are based entirely on CIE past examination papers. This enables our students to become familiar with the testing methodology of Cambridge and understand exactly what will be required of them in the final examination.

For areas where students are weak, we provide additional resources to facilitate better understanding. We offer extra tutorial letters, examples, Skype calls, emails, telephone support, or even face-to-face assistance. These additional aids are available 24/7, whenever the student needs help.

In cases where a student does not understand, we will explain the material again (and again and again), using different formats, until the student fully comprehends. Understanding is the most important element of education, and until this is achieved, our job is not complete!


As we do not have structured school terms, we have divided our academic year into three periods. During each period, students complete between two and three assignments per subject. Upon completion of these assignments, we issue academic reports to both students and parents. These reports include assignment marks and guidance from the Academy regarding progress towards academic success.